Under 14s Team Info

Age Allocation:

1st July 2005 – 30th June 2007



Chris Templer



Chris has been coaching with the Saints for over six years, he started his coaching career back with the under 8s and has coached every age group up to and including under 14s.  Chris was our “Youth Coach of the Year” in 2019 and has science upped his skill set become a Level 2 coach.

Assistant Coach:

Michael Jones

Assistant Coach:

Leigh Gaffney


Leigh has been coaching/assistant coaching for over five years with the Saints and has been an asset to every team he has been apart of.  Leigh started his coaching career with the Saints in the under 9s and worked his way up through every age group over the years.

Team Manager:

Rebeca Jones



Bec has been “Team Manager Extraordinaire” for over six years with the Saints. Through these years/age groups, Bec has been the absolut pillar for the teams she worked with.  Bec has now been appointed the Team Manager Co-ordinator for the entire club.