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A Word From the Seniors

The Carrara saints senior football side, with new senior coach Wayne Pettard taking the reins, began pre-season training in November. The numbers on the track weren’t huge but we made up for it with our intensity and drive to get better as a group. 

We returned from our Xmas break keener than ever, numbers were rising week by week. Our training was at full flight and we had won our first practice match heading towards round 1. A group training/bonding session was organised out at the Raw Challenge obstacle course. It was on this day where we faced our first challenges as a group, but as a team we overcame them one by one. 

Our next major challenge was COVID-19, our season suspended and all training cancelled until further notice. The boys were devastated at first, feeling like a part of our life had just been taken from us. However as we always do when we are faced with adversity, we came together as a group and planned our way through this together and knew we would be stronger from it. 

As we are now coming out the other side, we are able to start training in much larger groups and get back into the swing of things. We have stuck together through some very tough times and believe we can face any challenge that comes our way in the future, on the field or off it.


Bring on 2020