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Saints Girl Power!

Saints Girl Power!


While it’s been frustrating to not get the start to the season that the girls were after it has been very encouraging to see the level of enthusiasm the girls have brought to training prior to our shut down. Pleasing to see so

many familiar faces returning and to go around for the Saints. 6 months is a long time it seems and the growth in the girls is noticeable. Always keen, the girls appear set for a big season with great commitment to training and also each other.


Great to see some new faces in the group and great to see them fit in so well and readily accepted by the group.


Part of the team building process has been for all the girls to say out loud to their team mates what their personal football goals are for the season ahead. What do you want to get out of your season? Goals varied between skills and strength/confidence. It’s inspiring to hear from the girls mouths what it is that they feel they need to work towards. The upside to stating your goals to your team mates is that the group can then help you achieve your goals. When this happens all your team mates get to share in your joy and satisfaction. This is so very positive! Joy, confidence and satisfaction all follow along with the love of the sport.


Can’t wait to see how this fantastic group go once we get onto the field. Look forward to getting back to training when that happens. 


Go Saints