AFL Play Pass

The offer:
Any member of the general public can now purchase the AFL Live Pass from at the recommended retail price of $89.99 and nominate one community club who will receive the redemption.
The purchase will provide a 12 months subscription to the AFL Live Pass to allow them to watch AFL matches live on up to 5 supported mobile and tablet devices.
Once registered the participant will receive a voucher code with clear instructions on how they can start using their 12 month subscription to the AFL Live Pass.
Please consider that this offer is available to everyone regardless of how closely connected they are to your club. For example, this is not just for players, administrators or members of your club but anyone who would like to nominate the club (eg. friends of players, administrators and members) to receive the redemption.

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2015 Fees

Dear parents. As we get close to being half way through the football season, it has come to our attention that too many players have not paid their fees in full. If you have, thank you very much, we appreciate it and please disregard this notice. If you haven’t, we realise this year has just flown by, but you have until round 10 which is the 13th of June, to have paid your fees in full OR to have contacted the Treasurer or Secretary with arrangements to pay in installments. We understand that difficulties do arise and we are happy to help you arrange a payment plan. Just send an email or speak to the Secretary or Treasurer of the club on Tues or Thurs night, or by email. Unfortunately if your child/childrens fees have not been paid by this date, and no arrangement has been made, then he/she will not be able to take the field from round 10.. You can make payments at the club on Tuesday and Thursday nights, or you can make online payments using the following details. Carrara Saints Football Club BSB 084852 ACCT 192462305 Please put your childs full name as reference and which team they are in if possible.   i.e.  Bob smith under 10 Thank you very much and I hope to see you all at the club tomorrow night for a meal and a chance to win big in our new members draw. read more


We are in the process of formulating a strategic plan for the club and intend to engage with members further about this in the near future.

As part of that process, we have prepared a draft project funding wish list for the purposes of consultation with the Community Centre, the Cricket Club and the GCCC with the aim of reaching consensus about the application of any funding we are able to obtain for future development of the sporting grounds and associated facilities.

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Downstairs Toilet Facilities Working Bee

Calling all our club members. Carrara Saints very much need anyone from tradies to volunteers for a working bee to upgrade our downstairs toilet facilities prior to rounds commencing for the year. Jason aka Noddy has has kindly volunteered his time to oversee this project. Anyone who has used our downstairs facilities in their current state knows they are not very pleasant for members, families or visitors, so any help you can lend is greatly appreciated & needed. The current

facilities will be completely removed & new ones are to be installed, we will have all the materials ready, we just need some skilled bodies to help remove the old fittings & replace with the new over 2 days.
If you are able to help please post what you can help with here or contact Noddy. Any help in upgrading these facilities will be a step forward for 2015

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